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At Home Workouts

April 25, 2020

At Home Workouts

While we are all still trying to social distance, fighting off cabin fever can be hard! Now is the perfect time to get in a great at-home workout routine so you can be fit and healthy going into the warmer summer months! We have rounded up some easy at home workouts that do not require any extra equipment so you can try them out and start feeling like your best self! Nothing makes you feel better than getting in a good sweat, endorphins lift your spirits like no other! 

Okay, so let’s start off simple! In addition to exercise making you feel better, fresh air also does the trick. So, let’s mix both together! Get outside to get some fresh air and vitamin D! Take a walk around your neighborhood or with your dog to get your body moving. If you like to run, totally go for a run! A little cardio will make you feel refreshed! 

In addition to getting some steps in, doing some circuit workouts can help you tone up and feel amazing! Ab workouts are great to mix into your everyday routine, and it does not have to be hard to do! Simple things like planks, mountain climbers, and crunches can make a huge difference and can help tone your abs quickly! 

Working on toning up your arms is also really easy to do at home! If you have dumbbells or a jump rope, you can do all kinds of easy at-home arm exercises! Or if you do not have either, you can substitute with other household items or just do the motion by itself. Workouts like curls, pushups, and tricep dips are super simple and can make a huge difference in your arms! Working out and getting in shape at home doesn’t have to be difficult! Every little bit helps, so get out there and get your body moving today!