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Scary Good Halloween Treats!

October 27, 2020

Scary Good Halloween Treats!

  Halloween is just 4 days away! Are you ready for all things spooky?! Whether you are spending the evening with your friends out and about or just hanging out at home, you can always make festive little foods that will have you feeling the spooky spirit! You can work on your hostess skills by whipping up some of these Halloween favs! 

Let us tell you about our all-time favorite Halloween snack - mummy dogs! You can make them with full size hotdogs or mini sausages. These are really the Halloween version of pigs in a blanket. You wrap thin strips of crescent rolls around the dogs to make them look like wrapped up mummies and then add little eyes with whatever you can find! These are so fun and are tasty! 

 Another super cute treat we found for a spooky event is a veggie skeleton! It is exactly how it sounds! Take all kinds of veggies and arrange them in the shape of a skeleton with a bowl of dip or ranch dressing as the head. It sounds funny but just look at the picture - is it so fun! 

We love a good charcuterie board, and you can easily make yours have a spooky spin! Adding little googly eyes to anything will help make your foods look like little monsters - perfect for Halloween festivities! Here’s an example - just for inspo!