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Summer Staycation

July 24, 2020

Summer Staycation

Longing for a summer getaway? More often than not, we’re looking to distance ourselves from stress more than anything else. We’ve come up with a few ideas for you to use your vacation days while still staying in the safety of your home.

This is the perfect time for you to accomplish things you’ve been wanting to do but seem to never have the time. Redecorate? Reorganize? Renovate? Create your new beginnings and see how the new environment at home makes you feel. It is sure to brighten your day. Whether it be freshly painted walls, new furniture, or simply moving it around, it’ll create a fresh environment for you to look forward to daily.

Sitting around bored with your family? Bring back some childlike joy with a movie night or game night, but move it to a new place in (or perhaps even outside) your home to mix things up! Build a fort with your family to make game night more fun! Project a movie onto the side of your house. The same classic events in a new location are sure to bring some fun! 

Have you been meaning to start that hobby or never really picked up your “New Years Resolutions”? Better late than never! Start now and take time for yourself! Need some ideas? Try painting, playing an instrument, catch up on your reading list, find a workout routine perfect for you, or try creating new things in the kitchen! Not only will it be refreshing but it’ll be good to have some “me-time”.