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Sweet Summertime Treats

August 04, 2020

Sweet Summertime Treats

What’s better than cold drinks and fruit in the summertime? A combination of both! Check out some fun and fresh smoothie and slush recipes during this summer heat!

We’ve got a creative take on the classic strawberry smoothie that you should check out! Try this strawberry cheesecake smoothie! In order to make this smoothie you’ll need frozen strawberries, greek yogurt, milk, cream cheese, vanilla extract, and agave nectar. Mix it all together for a creamy, sweet, and healthy smoothie!

For a twist on your everyday lemonade, make some watermelon-lemonade! All you need to make this recipe is, you guessed it, lemons and watermelon. The best part about this recipe is that it’s not only a delicious drink, but you can freeze it to make popsicles too!

Dr. Pepper slushies are a must! Easy enough, all you need is Dr. Pepper and ice. In fact, use any soft drink you’d like for a unique approach on the drink. These refreshments are sure to keep you cool this summer.