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Vibrant Nail Inspo

March 28, 2020

Vibrant Nail Inspo

Brighter days call for brighter nails! One of our favorite influencers, @bresheppard started a super fun movement that she calls Boycott Boring Nails. She posts super cute, unique nail designs that she gets, and her followers from all over join in on the fun! Everyone uses the hashtag #boycottboringnails and she reposts them to give us all some fabulous nail inspo! 

Some favs we have seen have been super vibrant hues, several colors, and little dainty designs. I don’t know about you, but when I go to the nail salon, I typically gravitate towards pinks, reds and corals - but boycott boring nails has shown me so many different options that I have always been weary of trying out. Like bright aquas, yellows, oranges, etc. So, next time you want to go for that bold color - do it, sister! 

Another thing that the Insta world has taught us is that your nails do not have to be the same color. Mix it up and get several hues that compliment one another! Pastels look really good like this, with soft tones of pink, lilac, aqua and mint! Such a fun combo for these warmer, sunny days! Try out some of your favorite colors together and just have fun with it! 

So, as far as designs go, we are loving subtle and simple little styles. We love adding dainty floral designs or trendy stars, they are just so cute! Adding different color tips can also jazz up some solid nails. It may sound a little crazy but it is actually super cute! Now is the perfect time to head to the nail salon and try out something new - always #boycottboringnails!