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2019 Winter Trends

December 27, 2019

2019 Winter Trends

Freezing… but make it fashion!! To look cute or to stay warm- the dilemma of December. It’s tough to look cute when it’s cold outside! But, we’re here to help! We’ve got some ultra trendy and super cozy looks that are sure to keep you fashionable while they keep you warm!

Turtlenecks have made a big comeback this year! We love the chunky knit sweaters that keep your neck all bundled up. You can find these sweaters in every color of the rainbow, and they’re perfect for pairing with a statement earring or a cute pony! While these sweaters are super trendy, they will also keep you warm all winter long!!

As much as we love a sleek black look, we're here for a good winter white! If you’re not vibing with a full white look, pair a white sweater with a light pair of jeans for an easy cool-girl look. Bonus points if you add trending white booties to the look!!

Get ready, girls- this may be our favorite trend of the decade. The teddy bear coat!!!! These snuggly coats are perfect for bundling up, all while making you look like the trendiest girl on the block. They are so warm, so soft, and SO CUTE. Run, don’t walk, to grab one of these bestsellers. 

That’s all the fashion for today, ladies. Stay warm and trendy!