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Amazing Details by Morilee

November 20, 2019

Amazing Details by Morilee

Hey hey hey! We all LOVE a good fitted dress, and especially if it has amazing details. I mean let’s be honest, we know y’all love the details too. And that’s definitely something Morilee brings to the table!! So let’s get this day started off right with some Morilee talk!

How about we take a look at our first beauty! 45067 is a glamorous champagne colored dress that gives us all the heart eyes. Her one shoulder detail compliments the sequin look flawlessly. The mid-thigh slit just sends this dress over the top!

Next is 45044. This fun two-piece is truly the life of the party. She totally leaves an impression with iridescent sequin look. Plus, the abstract patterning of the sequins is phenomenal. Adding statement earrings will, without a doubt, make this look pop!

Last but not least, we have one of our favorite royals, style 45035. Its design consists of beautiful blue beading and a stunning halter neckline. The flattering style combines the previous two, making this the perfect elegant fun look we’re all searching for!

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