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Nailed It!

January 22, 2021

Nailed It!

 This new year just started and there’s already all new trends! We couldn’t be more excited to show you the fresh nails that fascinate us!

    Bold and bright! We’re big fans of this style! Despite the frigid weather, these nails give us “wishing for warmer weather” vibes! Each nail is given a different design which allows you to create your own twist on this trend. Whether it be painted tips, creative curves, or cute color blocking, you get to include the most of whichever you love!

    Marvelous monochromatics! This minimalist trend is one we stand behind! It’s the perfect idea for any girl who wants to stay in her comfort zone of simplicity while still spicing things up! From neutral colors to brights, you can make it what you want!

    Cute cow print! There’s a first for everything! This year we’ve already seen cow print show up everywhere. If you’re a fan you should certainly try it out! Even if you’re unsure, sample it by simply putting it on one nail instead of all or maybe even try out cow print tips!