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Star Material with Sherri Hill

January 26, 2021

Star Material with Sherri Hill

 At some point or another, we’ve all dreamed of having our moment in the spotlight. Well, we have great news! Sherri Hill is making our dreams come true this prom season! Take a look at some of our favorite “Star Material” dresses!

Sherri Hill style 54198 is made for the movies. This strapless and sleek gown emphasizes your beauty in the best ways. Although it has a simple bodice to let you shine, the details on the slit is what won us over. The sequined stars shoot from the top of the slit to the train and tie in perfectly the beaded fringe at the tip of the high slit.

 Sherri Hill style 53591 is an award winning gown. This one shoulder fitted gown is beaded from head to toe. There’s no lacking here with star detailing found from the sleeve, to the bodice, with its grand finale in the train. The way the color blocking is designed onto the dress creates a beautiful silhouette for any and all who wear it.

Sherri Hill style 53994 is photoshoot ready. Another one shoulder wonder has us in awe. The beaded detail around the wrist is all that’s needed to keep this simple cocktail dress shining the brightest. The rest of the magic is done through the  ruched jersey material on the side of this glorious gown.