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Super Cute Summer Hairstyles

May 09, 2020

Super Cute Summer Hairstyles

Believe it or not, Summer and vacay season is fast approaching and we are so ready for the extra sunshine and time spent by the pool! Do you ever want to look cute heading down to the beach or out to the pool, but you don’t know what to do with your hair? Well, we found some super-cute and simple hairstyles that will be perfect for days of sunbathing and summer adventures! 

For days where you are active and want to throw up your hair, or you are going to float around the pool, it is best to put your hair up someway, so you do not have to deal with crazy tangles later on. One style we love consists of two dutch braids going straight back, and stopping at the base of your head. Put in two hair bands and let your two ponytails hang freely. This keeps you looking put together, while also getting your hair out of your face! This style is super easy, the braid just takes practice! 

The messy bun will forever be a go-to hairstyle for any laid-back occasion. Whether you go for a low messy bun or a trendy top knot, the messy bun is always a solid option. Just make sure to make it look effortless. The messier and bigger, the better! 

If you want to keep your hair down, but get it out of your face, maybe try a half-up option. Pulling back the top layer or just the front pieces can make a huge difference! One style we love is taking the top half and giving it a simple braid at the back of your head. This look is simple, and looks so effortless, while also doing the job of holding back your hair. No matter what summer style you opt for, just make it look relaxed and simple!